Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God. Give her everything she deserves! Proverbs 31:30

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Friday, March 27, 2009


So I left to go to lunch a little while ago (something I hardly EVER do) and I was listening to Natalie Grant's Cd Relentless when I heard a song on the cd that I never really paid attention to before but today it had MEANING.

Make a Way

She was only seventeen
Wild at heart and following her dreams
Even she was pretty, got a ticket to the city
Where she'd find her place on the cover of a magazine
It was only but it would lead the way
To the door of a man where she'd throw it all away
He said they'd take it slow but little did she know
She'd be all used up by the end of the day

But she was strong, she would survive
Ambition would be her drive

I'll make the way
I'll do whatever it takes even though it won't be easy
I have a plan and though I may not understand
Someday I'll make a way
Here me say someday I'll make a way

Where did she go wrong
How did she get here
Living hard and looking older than her years
Miss Little Bigtown trying to hold a job down
Just doing what she could to choke her fears

But she was strong, she would survive
The spark of hope that kept her dream was not alive

I'll make a way
I'll do whatever it takes even though it won't be easy
I have a plan and though I may not understand
Someday I'll make a way

Walking down the road
In the city where she'd come with so much hope
See her vision had long died
Along with all her pride
When she found herself at the end of her road
She heard angels through the doors
Of a church she'd passed a million times before
Inside the choirs song was ringing
Since she'd found herself believing
Out there maybe there was something more

And so she bowed her head to pray
She cried Jesus please make a way
And she heard Him say

I'll make a way
I'll do whatever it takes even though it won't be easy
I have a plan and though you may not understand
Today I'll make a way
Hear Him say today He'll make a way


Today He'll make a way
For you He's gonna make a way
For you He'll make a way

The song suddenly spoke to me in a different way. You see I have been really upset about my job lately and I DESPERATELY want something else. I know that this is not the job that GOD wants me to be in for the rest of my life so I am just waiting on another door to open. Today before lunch was boss was talking about the next projects and he said that I might go to Puerto Rico-------------I know it may sound like fun but trust me it is NOT. I was scheduled to be in Birmingham until May so this really upset me. This is one of the reasons I HATE this job. I like stability and I don't like the fact that I never know where I am going to be working more than 2 weeks out! So anyway, when I left to go to lunch I was praying and crying out to God for Him to PLEASE make a way and soon because He knew how I felt and He knew that I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family and church and church family and that I couldn't do this with my job now. I was pleading with God. By the way my cd was not turned up when I was praying so I did not know what song was playing-----I prayed all the way to get food and the way back. While I was sitting in the parking lot eating I heard Make a Way playing and it was like God was confirming everything I knew He was going to do as my Jehovah Jirah (the Provider) and telling me YES TIFFANY I WILL MAKE A WAY!!!!!

I am so glad that God is who He is and He knows our concerns and knows what our desires are. And I am SO glad that He speaks to us (even through songs). I am trusting that God is making a way even as I am typing this right now!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have been reading the best book for the past few weeks and I just finished it today! It was "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge. This book has opened my eyes to so many things. It talks about who we are in Christ as women. It talks about how we should understand that God gave us beauty so that we could use it for Him. I am not talking about just the physical beauty here..God gave each one of us beautiful qualities and we need to walk in them. The authors of this book talk about how when we are little girls we have a desire to be beautiful and lovely and noticed but because of lives circumstances we push it aside and try to ignore it. Well, God gave us that desire for a purpose and it is time we release that inner little girl and walk in the desires that God has given us.
The book also talks about how God allows us to go through rough times and even time of spiritual warfare in order for us to grow and lean on him more and more but also so that we will learn how to take our place as a warrior princess and stand in our authority through the blood of Christ and fight for ourselves. That part of the book was a HUGE wake up call to me because I have walked under attack and have done NOTHING!!! Well not's time to fight!!!! I would highly recommend this book to any girl I know....It is amazing!!!! But be prepared for God to shine a light it places you don't want to go! Your life is a fairy tale set in a battle ground. God is ready to dance with you all you have to do is let Him lead!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friends are the BEST!!!!!

So I have been thinking lately that I am SO blessed to have the friends that I do! I absolutely love each and every one of my friends so much!

A couple of years ago I felt God leading me to a new church and little did I know I was going to gain a lot more than a new church family. I gained the best group of friends ever. I have never experienced what TRUE friendship was until I met this group of friends. I know that I could call them about anything and they would be there.

All of you know who you are and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best group of friends that a girl could ask for.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, I am going on my second month of working out with a trainer and I have to say...I am loving every minute of it. I have lost about 10 lbs as of now (with a lot more to go) and I am starting to feel a lot better about myself. My trainer is too funny and time goes by so fast when we are working out! Anyway...I was working out at home tonight and I decided to do some stuff with my bands when something crazy happened. I had the band tied to something and it was over my closet door (that was shut by the way) and I started the workout. Well, right about halfway through doing some stuff the door came open and the band along with what I had tied it to came flying out and smacked me right across my really hurt! The sad thing though is that Tyler told me to be careful because the same thing happened to him but the band hit across the chest. Oh well guess that is it for the bands unless I am actually standing on them!

Note to self Be careful when using resistance bands to work might get smacked with them.


Hey Guys!!! I don't know why I decided to start a blog but I did..........

I guess my first thing would be to update everyone about my job situation. For a long time I have always wanted to have a government job so here lately I have applied for a few. So, until I have some more news on this just keep me in your prayers.