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Monday, April 20, 2009


So I need to update this blog (and add some pictures) so it won't be so boring. This past week and weekend has been a blast! I applied for a job last week and withing about 30 minutes of applying I got an email asking me to interview on the following Thursday (YAY). So I interviewed and it went very well - I think! I am just praying that if that is the job God has for me I will get an offer! Also, I took a test on Saturday for a job with the state, so we will see how that goes!

Oh and after I took the test Saturday I stopped by Snoozy's to see some old coworkers and got a little confidence boost in the meantime. A girl and a guy that I used to work with told me that they could tell I had lost a lot of weight! ;-D I was SUPER excited about that.

Me and my mom kept my little cousin this weekend and we had SO much fun, we ordered pizza and ate ice cream (don't tell Tyler-haha) We watched Bedtime Stories and that movie was too cute. We were also going to watch Marley and Me but I am glad we didn't because that movie was sad! He is too funny to listen to while he is watching a funny movie- he gets so tickled- it is too cute.

While we were watching the movie I worked on an awesome dessert and pot for my friend Jill's going away party and that was too fun. I decided to paint a clay pot in her favorite colors to put the dessert I was making for her party in, and this was my first attempt at painting zebra print and I think I did pretty darn good at it. Also, the dessert I was making was cupcake lollipops (very time consuming but oh so good). I will send a link and pictures later.

Oh another exicting thing that happened was I got to see pictures of a friend of mine's newborn baby girl! She was adorable and I am so happy for him and his wife. He has really came a long way from being on drugs to joining the airforce, getting his life back on track, getting married, and becoming a dad. I can tell he is so happy now and I am so proud of him.

All in all I had a great weekend! Even though our dish went out while I was trying to watch MY FAKE FIANCE last night :-( HAHA

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