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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Be A Dreamer

So, I have been reading this amazing book lately

This book is absolutely what I needed. And everything I have been reading in it has been confirmed in my Bible Fellowship class and in my Discipleship reading. It is about following the dreams that God has given us. The main thing is that our dreams don't come to reality overnight-they fit into a process. During this process God shapes us and tests us to see if we are ready to see our dream become a reality. You have to WAIT on your dream (THIS IS HARD). I'm telling you so many things in this book have hit me like a ton of bricks and I am SUPER excited to see how God is going to bring to reality the dream He gave me so long ago.

One thing I did realize while I was reading this book is that my childhood dream is my destiny that God has for me. The author says you will know it is your destiny when you would do it for free and not be upset about it. So, I am going to share my dream with you.....

My God-given dream is to start a catering/event planning business. I LOVE cooking and planning parties and wish I had more time to do this. One thing I know I want to do when God lets me do this is to have some kind of Scripture of Christian quote to go along with the theme of the event and to tie it into the party favors. I did this at my graduation party and I loved it. So, besides being a wife and a mother (DESPERATELY WANT THIS TOO) that is my dream.

So...What is your dream?????

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