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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GREAT News!!!!!!

So it's been a while since I wrote on here and I thought I would update you on some AMAZING news. No- I don't have a new job but this is BETTER!!!!!

Last Thursday (7-16) at our Generation service, everything in my life clicked and a spiritual light bulb came on. David Jett came and preached and he talked about how we should have complete surrender to God and forget about religion. Well I have known something has been wrong in my life and that I was miserable but I thought I was ok and that I was where I needed to be spiritually. WRONG!!!! I was as lost as lost could be.

I have grown up in church and thought I was ok just because of that. I said the prayer before but it was just because everyone else did it. I had head knowledge of God but He was not in my heart. I had raised going through the motions to an art form.

Well, Last Thursday that changed....I GOT SAVED!!!!! Praise God for His patience with me and His grace. I feel like this huge weight is gone! I do want to apologize to everyone for being a hypocrite for so long though!

The story doesn't end there. I have waited 7 years to tell my mom about my past and I told her everything last Friday. I was scared I couldn't do it in person ---that I would chicken out. So I wrote her an email laying it all out there. I told her I had been lying to her about what all happened after I was raped, about my relationships and how far they went, and how deep I got in my addiction. I told her that I hadn't wanted to tell her because I didn't want her to look at me any different. Well my mom emailed me back and told me NOTHING would cause her not to love me and that she had known that all this was going on but she was waiting on me to tell her! CRAZY! I love it! I have been flipping out over this and my mom knew and loved me anyway. That's like God, He knows we are screw-ups and He loves us ANYWAY!!! So awesome!!!

I am so excited and can't wait to see what the future holds.

July 16th 2009 is the day that changed my life FOREVER!

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