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Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago----Don't forget

8 years ago today, tragedy struck America and life as we knew it changed forever. I will never forget what I was doing that day....My best friend Candace and I were going to raise the flag, as we did every morning as part of our student council duties, when our teacher came running outside to tell us what happened--so we then lowered the flag to half mast and then sat glued to the tv all day at school. Everything was different that day and everyone was affected. I remember the way I felt that day vividly, I have never been so angry, sad, hurt, etc all at the same time. I remember how it seemed all of America united together for one cause. A lot of people turned to (or back to God) because we realized He was the only one who was going to get us through.

I remember when President Bush said we were going to war to defend our country against more attacks and how MOST people got behind the cause because we realized that is what needed to be done to put the attackers in their place. I remember the songs that were written during this time--everything.

I also remember when I found out my cousin was going to war---I was very proud of him and very scared for him at the same time. I lived by my phone and for the paper during this time just so I would know he was ok. Every time the news would report another death of an American soldier I would FREAK OUT until I knew it wasn't Phillip but then I would feel bad for the family of that soldier. It was a very emotional time. I remember when Phillip came back and how I could tell he was forever changed. When he would talk about things (which was very little) I would realize just how much these men and women were sacrificing so that we would be safe here in the states. I remember when he came home and I didn't want to let him go, the events surrounding 9/11 brought everyone closer in a sense.

But here we are 8 years later....many have forgotten that day and how they felt. Many have forgotten how God alone brought us through it. MANY have forgotten what the war was about and those who fought. From Micheal Moore and the Dixie Chicks to people we see on a daily basis---they have all lost sight of that day and may GOD FORGIVE US. ----Hopefully it won't take something tragic to get us all to wake up and turn to GOD again!!!!!!!

If you want to know a little of what our military went through I reccommend the book "Thunder Run"

Please keep our military in your thoughts and prayers as well as the victim's families. Also pray for our country and the leaders that they won't forget and will turn back to GOD!!!!!

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