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Friday, October 23, 2009

New Addictions

So as you all know I have been working out more lately so I can get back to being fit (and skinnier) HAHA. Well...I have a new addiction in the weight loss arena and it is.............Get Ready for it.........................

I am IN LOVE with this work out...It is so much fun and you can burn like 700 calories in an hour. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Funny story how I started doing Zumba. Me and my friend Ashleigh decided to go to a class offered close to us and I was TOTALLY embarrassed at the class because it is a lot of booty shakin. Well me and Ashleigh were cracking up about it but LOVED it (at least I did) So I went home and ordered the DVD's and I have done them EVERY DAY since I got them.

I will be posting more weight loss progress pics soon--I promise!

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