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Friday, July 16, 2010


Ok....So I am interrupting the Kelly's Korner blog parade to share something very important! 

While I was at work today I got a phone call from my cousin Phillip.  We haven't really talked for about a year because I had to take myself out of the situation with him for a while.  (I have written more about him on here before).

Well when he called today he was right outside of my office so I went down to see him.  He looked different. (That is all I am going to say)  As I talked to him I could feel myself shutting down a little.  I love my cousin (who is basically my big bro) so much and it kills me to see him hurting.

He told me he feels like it is time for him to grow up and get his life on track and get in church.  I PRAY he is serious this time.  I want NOTHING more than for him to let God radically change him from the inside out!

So that is why I am posting this.  Please, if you come across this blog while looking for more info on me, read this post too and say a prayer for my cousin.  Pray that he will quit running and let God rock his world!!!!


Holly said...

Praying for Phillip :)

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much Holly!