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Monday, September 12, 2011

Time FLIES!!!!!

I technically should have posted this yesterday but time got away from me! The reception that we had yesterday for all the first responders went over GREAT!!!!  Those men and women were so precious and the little reception that we did is no where near close to enough to thank them for what they do everyday!

I can't believe that 10 years has passed since the 9-11 attacks on our country. Ten years ago I was a JR in high school.  I was in student council that morning and we were outside raising the flag when our sponser came running outside to tell us to lower it to half mast.  We asked why and he told us just to do it and come inside.  When we went in we were shocked at what we saw on TV.  The first tower had been hit and not long after that the second...that day seemed to last forever as we sat in class after class just staring at the TV.  Everything I saw brought up so many emotions but the main one being pure anger!!!  How could someone be so violent to do this???? Then I was extremely sad as I thought about the families that had lost loved ones....This country would NEVER be the same!

 At that moment I knew that my precious cousin that had just finished up Army Ranger training would be called to action!  That caused me to worry ALOT for the next 2 years!  I was proud of him though because he was willing to sacrifice his own life to fight for the freedom we have. 

It was amazing how after this happened people RAN back to church and were seeking God!  This country seemed to wake up!!! Now 10 years later you wonder what has happened because it feels like this country has gone back to the old ways of "I can do it without God" and that is what is the most scary!!!!!  May we NEVER forget what happened 9-11-01 and may we NEVER forget that it was GOD who was there in the midst!!!!

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