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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Friends are taking over!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!  Today the FRIENDS are taking over and  linking up to Kelly's Korner for her SUYL- Singles!  Tiffany has  been reading her blog for some time and we made the executive decision to post about her (after some major convincing to let us do it) As her friends we want the best for her and want to see her meet the man GOD has for her that will prove to her he does exist.  We are tired of seeing her get hurt - but that another topic!   We know he is out there!  

From Lauren....

Tiffany is truly my best friend.  We have been through a lot and I don't know what I would do without her.  I love her so much and I know any guy that is with her would be pretty lucky.  (Warning..if you hurt her you better leave the country because her friends don't play LOL)  I can't say enough good things about Tiffany!  I will say that she wants a guy to run the race WITH her to push her to grow closer to God. She is selfless and that will help with the whole submission thing in marriage ---just sayin!  I am a cryer and if I write anymore I am going to lose it so just know that Tiffany is very passionate about living for God and sharing the journey with the man God wants her to have! ( I personally am not going to let her settle)

So here goes nothing....Meet Tiffany!

From Gina....

It's extremely hard to put into a small paragraph everything there is to know about Tiffany. We met this summer in a small group and I knew we would be friends but I didn't realize just how close we would be and later on we actually found out we're cousins which makes it better!

Tiffany is the most genuine person I know. She works hard, is so kind and very smart. She's beautiful on the outside and inside. Tiffany has a true heart for God and for ministry. She's very involved in our church and is also attending Bible college with me. She loves kids and to laugh (a lot!). I think anyone would be lucky to have her in their life. I know I am :) 

From Natalie....
I have known Tiffany for a while now and the time I have known her hasn't been long enough.  We met in College as Diamond Dolls and this girl is passionate about some baseball (or maybe it's the guys in tight pants - totally kidding)  My husband and I are grateful for her in our life and she truly cares about every single person she meets.  I have never met anybody that is willing to go out of their way like she is.  I hope my daughter has a friend like her when she grows up.

This is from Tiffany...

I can't believe my friends are wanting to do this!  I guess it should tell me that they think I need some assistance in this area LOL  I don't like talking about myself at all but for the sake of this here goes......I'm from SWEET HOME ALABAMA - ROLL TIDE =)  I have always been attracted to southern boys - I mean the guys that know how to treat a woman and are hard workers, I do not mean rednecks!  I am getting picky about guys but it's because I have had some not so good experiences and now I know what I want.  There is really only 1 deal breaker for me because I think that the other "critical factors" will come out of the 1st.  The deal breaker is if the guy isn't a true Christian then I am not going there! (another would be if you are a cat person LOL)

I personally think that I have the best family and friends in the world and I am very close to them and wouldn't trade them for the world.  That being said, if the guy doesn't get along with them then he probably wouldn't want me either!  

I would say my "ideal match" would be a guy that is a Christian, confident, funny, outgoing, athletic, driven, and has goals in his life.  I would want someone that would want to be spontaneous and take a trip to Nashville (my favorite place) just to listen to a band.  I should NOT know more about baseball or football than him! Someone who wouldn't care if I was dressed up or in a shirt and jeans.  

God has really been working in my life for the past year and I am SO grateful for both the opportunities He has given and the ones He has taken away.  I have learned a lot and I am still learning and growing.  I am in Highlands College to pursue His calling on my life to one day minister to hurting women who have faced the things I have faced so I can share His love for them and how He will walk with them and love them in spite of their past!!!! The only thing "missing" in my life is a GOOD guy to share this journey with.  

If you want to know anything else about me just let me know!  I am pretty open and honest and as my friends would probably say...BLUNT!

Looking forward to talking with you but just know that GOD has a purpose for where you are in this journey and HE has a plan for your life!  He won't EVER let you down!!!!!!

If you want to know more about Tiffany then email her and let her know her friends are awesome for doing this too!  =)

Friends don't let friends date crazies - anymore :-)

Gina, Lauren and Natalie

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